The feeling is incredible. On February 27th my check ride took place. I had spend a week stressing over the way the check ride was going to be. Being a control freak I wanted to imagine and plan out the way the examiner was going to conduct the check ride. Originally my check ride was going to take place on the 26th. Because the TAF was forecasting less than VFR visibility the decision was made  to cancel the check ride and postpone for the next day in the afternoon.  That proved to be in my favor because the next morning it was discovered that I had not accumulated the necessary hours in solo time for the check ride.  It turned out to be good for morale and for practice for me to go do some practice of some maneuvers and landings for the check ride. That gave me the necessary confidence to ace that exam. After a long day of practicing and studying the Practical Test Standards it was time to meet my examiner. The feeling I had when I finally started the test was actually quite relieving. There was peace in my mind that I finally could get it over with honestly. After we got through the oral exam we went and did about 40 minutes of flying. I was extremely happy. To to conclude my advice to anyone that is taking the exam is to stress over it. If you stress over it you will be on point with all the small details. But only stress till the moments you meet with the examiner. At that point you want to relax and have fun. My examiner was a blast to fly with in fact I had so much fun flying with him I forgot I was doing a test. The whole time we were joking and just flying the same ways two buddies are. Finally remember that you are taking that check ride because your instructor feels that you are ready and all your doing is flying the plane. I’ll leave you with some images of a few flights and pictures of some planes I’ve spotted on the ramp.

Pilatus PC-12


Beechcraft king air


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