Solo. An Aviation Music Video

 It was a cold February afternoon, my instructor had a serious look on his face that made me feel confused if he was sure I was finally ready. Seventeen painful hours of training. We had been in runways that where so small I honestly did not think we could fit there. I had been through more stalls, steep turns and high speed descents that I can remember, but when my instructor got off that February afternoon I could not help but have a smirk in my face. The vibrations in my fingertips, the sense of emptiness in the cabin. 

 It was not long before I was at the end of the runway. Before that moment the only thing I really remember was finishing my pre-take off checklist, setting my full throttle and taking off no more than a few seconds later. Its surprising how easy the plane took off that day so light and with a great performance. Climbed so fast and then……… well watch the video.


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