A Plane’s Life

You remember that movie “A Bug’s Life? You know the one where it was an ant and he felt different to everyone else, he knew he was destined to be better than the other ants but everyone disagreed with him. Yeah that one!  Well in many aspects of life we all have that inside of […]

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The feeling is incredible. On February 27th my check ride took place. I had spend a week stressing over the way the check ride was going to be. Being a control freak I wanted to imagine and plan out the way the examiner was going to conduct the check ride. Originally my check ride was […]



Sometimes when your listening to music there are certain songs or even parts of a song that bring thoughts, dreams and you can meditate on what your future should be like and how your going to get there. For the past few days I have been dreaming my future and it brings thoughts of the […]


Solo. An Aviation Music Video

 It was a cold February afternoon, my instructor had a serious look on his face that made me feel confused if he was sure I was finally ready. Seventeen painful hours of training. We had been in runways that where so small I honestly did not think we could fit there. I had been through […]

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